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Sylvian Reynard, the autor who revived Dante’s story

The writer who has also worked with E. L. James, the author of "50 Shades of Grey", has been the only one to dare piece the Vita nuova and Divine Comedy together with the modern erotic romance

Mysterious, secretive, forthright and kind, that is the way the men behind the pseudonym Sylvain Reynard is. For those who have already been seduced and enchanted by this trilogy "Gabriel's Inferno", may even think that they are in the presence of the one and only professor Gabriel Emerson, the  main character of his first novels.

About S.R is only known that he is originally from Canada. He started writing at a very young age, but he became a professional writer late in his life, this, of course, has not taken apart his satisfaction of seeing his books in showcases around the globe. Moreover, it is known that his novels are best sellers in The New York Times and The USA Today.

His novels excel from the rest, not just because how romantic and sensual they are, but also because they could be considered as educational due to his way of writing. His way of writing has a lot of similarity with the style Dante Alighieri uses in his novels, specially in la Divine Comedy. And if we add to that his love for Italy and the way he based his work in real locations, it is absolutely true that reading his books is like one in a kind trip to the old continent.

- Your novels explore majestically different aspects of the human condition like suffering, sex, love, faith and redemption, leaning on the elements from Dante’s history. What inspired you to capture and put together all these elements in romance novels?
The story of Dante and Beatrice isn't well known outside of Italy. I wanted to expose their story to a wider audience because I find it interesting and inspiring. I’ve studied several different aspects of the Renaissance but I always come back to Dante.

- The person behind the pseudonym "Sylvain Reynard" is still a mystery. Why is it still a mystery? Is it because you want your book to speak out for you?
More than anything, it is because I wanted to have a private and quiet life. But also, it is because I became a writer late in life so my decision to live quietly was already taken. If I had become a writer when I was younger, I probably would have approached it differently.

- Have you thought about revealing the mystery or would you rather still "live in the shadows"?
Yes, I've thought about it.

- What inspired you to became a writer?
Writing is something I have always felt compelled to do, even when I used to write just for myself. It’s a mystery to me decode the reason why I need to write. Perhaps it’s how my brain works. 

- Which is your favorite book? Why? (From other authors and from your series)
My favorite book, among all the books I've written, is probably "The Shadow". I'm very proud of it. But for a long time, "Gabriel’s Redemption" was my favorite book. 
From other authors, one of the most interesting books I’ve read is "Kosher Sex". It's a literary work that makes you think deeply. It is a book about Judaism and sex and I find it really fascinating.

- Which of your novels’s character is more like you?
I have some of The Professor Emerson's flaws. Although, I think I tend to be like William York, as well.

- How was the experience to work with E L James, the author of "50 Shades of Grey"?
She's a good friend and it was very kind of her to collaborate with me. Over the years, we have written little things together, mostly of them were spontaneous and online. I think it is the spontaneity that makes this work. If it came a chance, we may work together again.

- What would be your advice for writers who dream their works to be published?
My first advice is to write every day. Writing every day helps you develop the discipline and the habit to do so. My second advice is to find someone you trust who would like to give you constructive criticism. We all need an editor, an editor’s suggestions can help to polish your work. And my third advice is to never give up.

- We've been seeing that your fans are doing a campaign with the hashtag #WeWantaGabrielMovie. How did it start? Have a studio, a producer or someone in the film industry or TV showed real interest in producing any of your trilogies?
There has been interest from a couple of different people in adapting the novels. I can’t make any announcement by now, but I’m hopeful about it. Certainly, the support of all my readers is essential, if enough readers support the project, it will happen.

- What can we expect from your new book? With what will you surprise us this time?
I can’t say too much about it. I have more than one project on the go at the moment, but what I can tell you is that the newest one is set in Paris.

- Some authors write about places they haven’t visited. Are you one of them?
Usually, when I write about a city or a country it's because I’ve visited it. It is hard to describe in detail a location if I've never been there. When I was doing the research for "The Prince and The Raven", I lived in Florence and I spent a lot of time walking around the city taking photographs and making notes.

- A final message to all your readers.
I just wanted to take a moment to tell you about my new Florentine Series –"The Prince", "The Raven", "The Shadow" and "The Roman". This Series is a love story disclosed in four books, it’s about the love story of Raven Wood and William York. The Florentine Series, like The Gabriel Series, explores love, sex, forgiveness, and redemption, taking the backdrop of the city of Florence in Italy. If you felt in love with Gabriel a Julia, undoubtedly you will fall in love with Raven and William.

Sylvian Reinard don't only charm with his stories, but also he has reached  the heart of many women, the campaign "IamRaven" is just a little sample of it. This movement is inspired by the main character of "Florentine Series", it's a character in which the author has made remarks in the true meaning of beauty, that is that the beauty is born from the personality and the strengths of every person.
In his most recent saga, the Canadian presents Raven Wood, a young and beautiful woman, as an unconventional type of beauty in today's standards, firstly because she is real and ephemeral, she is the type of woman who inspires people because of her intelligence, her compassion, her capability to love, her strength and her bravery. With this character, the Canadian reminds to the world that there's beauty in every single human being, no matter the size, the skin color, the origin or the religion and he also reminds that the physical beauty is just temporary and relative. 

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